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Ever wondered how some of your favorite businesses and influencers create visually stunning Instagram stories? I, as an influencer, get asked this question quite frequently so I decided to share what seems like a huge secret in the influencer world: the best Instagram story template apps!

the best instagram story template apps 2019 stunning ig stories

Here are my TOP 6:

6. Instagram App

Coming in at #6 is the good ol' Instagram app! A lot of the time, when I get asked about what app I used to create a story, I didn't use one. Instagram has done a great job of adding features that give users the option to make their stories as simple or as curated as they desire. Check out this blog to get caught up on all the ways you can jazz up your story within the app!


Unfold has really stepped up their Instagram template game in 2019 but it comes with a small fee. While the app itself is free, most of their template packs will cost you (most are only $0.99). Also keep in mind that there is limited room for customization so don't expect a wide range of fonts and or color selections. This app is, however, a great choice for quick and easy Instagram story curation!

Unfold is available for free on both iOS and Android

4. easil

I recently came across Easil and fell in love! It has tons of templates for Instagram, Facebook Pinterest etc. and makes it super easy to customize to fit your branding and did I mention it was completely free? Only downside is that Easil is only available in a desktop version but it's easy to download and email them to yourself (which is what I do)!

I highly recommend Easil to those with blogs or online businesses because most of their templates tend to be geared towards blog and website promotions and they have the option to import your brand kits to make sure your content stays on brand!

Check out some stories I've made using Easil for my @curlygirlmerch IG profile:


Coming in at Number 3 is an app called StoryLuxe! This app has the cutest templates and I almost always get questions when I use it to create my IG stories. Its super easy to use and gives your stories a sleek, clean look. The app has a free version, however, for $2.99/month you get unlimited access to all templates, which in my opinion is well worth it.

Check out some StoryLuxe templates created by me:

Storyluxe is only available on iOS .

2. canva

If you're a content creator or business owner, you've probably heard of Canva! You can create anything from Facebook banners to business cards using specially designed customizable templates. While the mobile version of Canva is workable, the desktop version is where you can take full advantage of all it has to offer.

There’s plenty of templates to choose from, and you can customize your template with millions of background options, 130 different fonts, and tons of graphics to create a visually appealing, engaging Instagram stories. Canva is free but with the Premium account (priced at $12.99/month) you can even upload your own fonts and brand logos.

Canva is available for free on both iOS and Android.


And the top spot goes to...Over is currently my FAVORITE app for creating on brand graphics of all sorts. Not only does it have several bomb photo AND video templates, the possibilities are seriously endless when it comes to customization. With the ability to create masks and color overlays; it's the closest app I've found to more advanced editors like Photoshop. The app is free, however, I highly recommend Over Pro which costs $9.99/month, as it will be the only app you will need!

The app is equipped with curated logo and graphic packs and layout collections that make it easy to create a cohesive look across all your graphics.

Over is available for free on both iOS and Android.

Instagram stories can be used to grow your following but aesthetic is just as important as posting frequency these days. Use one or more of these apps to get your IG stories on point and thank me later!

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